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Singh is Kinng – Review

Singh is Kinng - ReviewSingh is Kinng is a rip-roaring rib-tickling extravaganza with Laurel and Hardy style comedy of errors.

The Cast and Crew
Akshay Kumar as Happy Singh
Katrina Kaif as Sonia
Ranvir Shorey as Puneet
Javed Jaffrey as Mika Singh
Kiron Kher as Rose Lady
Neha Dhupia as Julie
Kamal Chopra as Guruji
Yashpal Sharma (actor) as Pankaj Udaas
Om Puri as Rangeela
Sonu Sood as Lucky Singh
Eli Bernstein as Disco Dancer
Peter Coates as the pilot
James Foster as another pilot
Sudhanshu Pandey as Raftaar.[2]

Directed by Anees Bazmee
Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Music by Pritam
Writer Suresh Dair
Lyrics Mayur Puri
Stunts by : Allan Amin
Cinematography Ben Nott & Sanjay F Gupta
Editing Amitabh Shukla & Prashany Singh Rathore
Distributed by Adlabs Blockbuster Movie Entertainment
Release date August 8, 2008 ( 1800 screens worldwide)
Language Hindi

The Film
Singh is Kinng is a rip-roaring rib-tickling extravaganza with Laurel and Hardy style comedy of errors. This Singh is Kinng - Reviewfilm is not a full length laugh riot, but when there is no laughter, there is enough amusement. This film belongs to a brand new genre of films that have no content at all, but full of momentum.

The Synopsis
Singh is Kinng deals with the good intentioned antics of Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) living in a village in Punjab. He wants everybody to be happy in the village and embarks on a mission to do good things for others. But by quirk of fate, every action he undertakes comically becomes a disaster for others causing a terrible embarrassment all around.

The exasperated villagers plan a long trip abroad for Happy Singh, only to get rid of him for sometime. He finds himself in Egypt and has a chance meeting with Sonia (Katrina Kaif) and promptly falls in love with her.
ater he lands in Australia, where Lakhan Singh alias Lucky (Sonu Sood), known also as King, operates a mafia den with his henchmen (Javed Jaffrey, Neha Dhupia, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Kamal Chopra and Sudhanshu Pande).

Rivals raid Lucky’s establishment and our hero saves his life. However Lucky is unable to lead the gang and Happy Singh is forced to take the place of Lucky as King. From then onwards, a series of hilarious interludes take place, finally ending on a happy note through a conspiracy of circumstances.

The Performance
Singh is Kinng - ReviewAkshay Kumar has given a sterling performance. His comic timing is near perfect and his stunts are mind blowing. Katrina Kaif is extremely camera-friendly and she looks fabulous, though she has not much scope to show her histrionics. Om Puri and Kiron Kher give mature performances that sync with situations. Javed Jeffry is at his best, with his comic antics. Neha Dhupia acquits well with her role. She truly looks hot and cold. Sonu Sood gives a thrilling performance. All other actors are quite adequate in their roles.

The Techniques
Aneez Bazmi is not Basu Bhattacharya or even David Dhawan. He gave us Welcome last year and the people loved it. He seems to have developed a new genre of films, which show scant respect for content per se, but Singh is Kinng - Reviewput up an extremely stylish audio-visual narration loosely linking ludicrous looking scenes that evoke mirth with all-brawn-and-no-brain situations. But then, Singh is KInng is eminently watchable in spite of some chinks in the story telling armour.

Cinematography by Ben Nott and Sanjay F Gupta is fabulous and real asset to the film. Editing by Amitabh Shukla and Prashany Singh Rathore is slick and stylized. Pritam’s music is thoroughly enjoyable. The songs Jee Karda…sung by Labh Janjua and Suzanne D’Mello and the song Bhootni ke sung by Daler Mehndi stand out in the film. The action sequences created by stuntsmaster Allan Amin are really mindboggling.

The Verdict
Singh is Kinng is a thoroughly enjoyable fare. One can just sit back relaxed and enjoy the comedy of errors on the screen. Akshay Kumar is sure to floor you with his comic antics and stunts. Production values of the film are dazzlingly high and every frame is pleasant to the eye and easy on the ear.

3.0 out of 5

Deen Kumar

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