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Sindhu Menon in & as `Vaishali’

Sindhu Menon in & as `Vaishali'

Director Raviraja Pinisetty’s son Adi Pinisetty and Sindhu Menon’s Tamil film Vayam has been dubbed into Telugu as `Vaishali’. Sindhu Menon of the `Chandamama’ fame appears in title role in the film.

Said to be a love and suspense thriller, the film tries to showcase the mental condition of a young woman who loves one and marries someone else. Being produced by Dil Raju, the film is going to be released on May 12. Directed by Arivalagan, noted director Shankar is producing the film. The film was already released in Tamil.

Dil Raju is releasing the film with 50 prints. At a time when all the producers want to encash their film by releasing it more number of prints, Dil Raju wants to begin it with modest number and subsequently increase the prints, perhaps with confidence in the project. It remains to be seen whether the experiment would fetch him success.

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