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Simran’s New Avatar

Simran’s New Avatar

Actress Simran who received the critical acclaims for her acting skills, she received many prestigious awards for her provision to film industry. After her wedding she turned as Anchor and currently she is busy with her TV shows, “Jackpot” is a TV show which is famous for the creatively stitched blouses and Sarees that the anchors wear. We hear that the present anchor Simran works on her sarees and blouses for herself. A source from the unit says, “Simran designs her own blouses for the show. She ensures that the design is innovative every week. She provides the sketch to her designers and they work on it. These are exclusive designs only for the show and she purchases the material, the accessories and everything else on her own. Simran is a perfectionist and she takes a lot of interest in her clothes.” The source adds, “She has picked up Tamil quite well. After the shoot she spends extra time with the crew to learn the language”. Today she is celebrating her birthday and this news might be a excited news to her fans to known that their favourite actress turned as costume designer. Good going Simran, Happy Birthday.

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