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Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

The Film

Sikander is a gruesome reminder of how innocent children are ruthlessly sucked into the mindless stream of terrorism ruining their childhood and destroying their dreams and laughter.

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Movie-Review

Sikander Hindi Movie ReviewThe Synopsis

14 year old Sikandar Raza (Parzan Dastur) lost his parents in a terrorist attack and is being looked after his uncle aunt. The adolescent has many dreams the chief among them being to become a great football player. He has friend in schoolmate Nasreen (Ayesha Kapoor). Raza is unhappy because he is unable to realize any of his dreams including silencing the school bully.

One day, Raza finds a gun on the road and takes it in spite of the advice of Nasreen. From then on, his life takes curios turns. Raza is spotted by Zahgeer Quadir (Arunoday Singh) who uses the young kid for his nefarious activities. There are other peace loving characters like Lt Colonel Rao (Madhavan), the army officer and Mukhtaar Mattoo (Sanjay Suri), a reformed terrorist.

Raza becomes a victim of the hate game and killing spree that is engineered by vested interests and leads thrillingly to an unexpected climax.

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie ReviewThe Performances

Young artistes Parzan Dastur and Ayesha Kapoor give an impressive performance. Madhavan is elegant and carries his role with conviction.

Sanjay Suri is subdued but comes out with a very fine performance. Debutant Arunoday Singh is the real surprise package. He has the personality and the emoting ability. He is an actor with great potential. All others are quite adequate in their respective roles.

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

The Techniques

Director Piyush Jha has come out with a sensitive story cleverly mixing the human angle with thriller elements. He has succeeded in telling an adult story through adolescents. The good part is the narration does not take sides on terrorism or dwell on the blame games of who or what is responsible.

However, he could have made the screenplay a little more gripping to completely gain the attention of the audience.

Somak Mukherjee captures the ethereal beauty of Kashmir in a breathtaking manner. The music by an assortment of music directors led by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is pleasing and the sound design by Subhash Sahu enhances the narration value.

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

Sikander Hindi Movie Review

The Verdict

Sikander is a genuine attempt to understand the complexities of terrorism and sincerely told through the trauma of an adolescent. The film is watchable for the performances of

Madhavan, Arunoday Singh, Parzan Dastur and Ayesha Kapoor plus the beautiful cinematography showcasing the splendor of Kashmir.

The Cast and Crew

R. Madhavan, Sanjay Suri, Parzan Dastur, Ayesha Kapur, Arunoday Singh

Cinematographer: Somak Mukherjee

Director: Piyush Jha

Music Directors: Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa, Shankar Mahadevan, Sandesh Shandilya, Justin-Uday

Sound Designer: Subhash Sahu

Producer: Sudhir Mishra

Banner: Big Pictures

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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