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Siddharth in David Dhawan’s film

Siddharth in David Dhawan’s film

South India’s charismatic actor Siddharth has been signed up by David Dhawan to play one of the two lead actors in the remake of 1981 comedy Chashme Buddoor which was directed by Sai Paranjpe and starred Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani in addition to Farooq Sheik, Deepti Naval and Sayyed Jaffrey. Chashme Buddoor is an exclamation used to ward-off the evil eye.

In the film, Rakesh and Ravi play the roles of a pair of friends who go on chasing girls. Things start to happen when a new girl comes to the neighborhood and both the guys fall for her. Siddharth plays the role originally played by Ravi Baswani.

For Siddharth, this will be his second Hindi film after Chandan Arora’s Striker which won the actor critical acclaim though had a lean run at the box office.

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