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Siddharth apologises to TV News Channels

Siddharth apologises to TV News Channels

Siddharth made a scathing attack, through a micro social network site on TV News Channel for their criticism of his film 180. Enraged by his derogatory remarks, the Film Newscasters’ Association of Electronic Media (FNAEM) has imposed a ban on him since June this year.

Realising his mistake in locking horns with the TV media, Siddharth has now tendered an apology.

The actor Tweeted: “In reference to one of my tweets in the past regarding certain news channels My comment should have targeted only them for their actions but not their families. I understand that this has upset the journalistic fraternity & their families.As this was not my intention, I wish to apologize to the families of journalists for hurting their sentiments in any way. Thank you.”

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