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Siddharth’s 180 sparks censor row

Siddharth’s 180 sparks censor row

The Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) is up in arms against the Hyderabad Regional Censor officer for being unreasonable and imposing unnecessary cuts which are becoming hurdles in the release of the films. Many scenes are being ordered to be cut on the plea that they are obscene.

The TFPC cites the case of the recently released Siddharth starrer 180. It was given a U/A certificate in Telugu by the Hyderabad regional office which means a child can watch the film only if accompanied by an adult. But the Tamil version of the film Nootrienbathu got a U certificate in the Chennai regional office which means anybody can watch the film.

TFPC secretary T Prasanna Kumar Reddy has submitted a petition to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) requesting for a directive to the Hyderabad Regional Censor office to be more reasonable in ordering cuts in the films. He stated that Telugu films have earned the dubious distinction of suffering the maximum number of cuts in terms of length when compared to films in any other language.

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