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Siddharth’s rift with journos

Siddhardh's rift with journos

It appears that the stand-off between the actor Siddharth and Telugu film media, especially the television channels is getting worsened with each passing day. It may be noted that film reporters of various TV channels recently complained to the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) president Murali Mohan against the actor’s remarks posted on Social Networking site Twitter that television channel reporters don’t hesitate to sell their families for news kicking off a controversy. When Murali Mohan sought an explanation from the actor, he reported told him that he didn’t mention that it was aimed at Telugu media.

Irked at the explanation, the film reporters complained to Dasari Narayana Rao who in turned advised Murali Mohan to put an end to the issue as soon as possible. “It would snowball into a controversy once the national media flashes it. Get him apologize to the media,” the veteran filmmaker advised.

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