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Shruti Haasan Busy Using her Papa’s Gift

Shruti Haasan Busy Using her Papa’s Gift

Recently Kamal Hasan had gifted her daughter Shruti Haasan scriptwriting software and a writing course for her birthday recently. His motive was to inspire Shruti, an actress and musician, to write as well.
Shruti said, “My dad thinks I’m a talented writer and must hone my writing skills. I have been writing short stories, lyrics, and poems ever since I was fifteen. However, very few people have read my work so far. It’s only now that I’ve decided to reveal portions of my writing. I want to get into writing for short films.”

She answered when asked if she’s started putting her dad’s gift to good use, and the actress said, “I’ve been juggling acting and singing. I really haven’t had time to start writing yet. But I want to make time for it very soon.”
Shruti has seven films in Bollywood and a few more in the South.

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