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Shruthi Sodhi Talks about Film and her Futher

Shruthi Sodhi Talks about Film and her Futher

Latest film Patas in which Shuthi Sodhi is heroine and flying high with the success of it. On the eve of the film’s success, we caught up with Shruthi for a brief chit chat. Let’s see what she has to say.

How did you bag this offer ?
I came to know that the makers were looking out for a heroine through my manager. I sent my pictures and director Anil okayed me right away.

How was it working in Tollywood ?
Oh ! I had a wonderful time working here. I am very lucky to have debuted with NTR Arts, and this will surely help me bag many more offers here.

How was it working with Kalyan Ram ?
Kalyan Ram is one of the most thorough gentlemen I have ever met. He is very professional and helped me a lot during the shoot. Not only Kalyan Ram, but the director and the entire crew took good care of me.

Tell us about your future projects ?
I have a couple of offers which I will sign them soon. I am very eager to work here and am ready to do challenging roles.

Are you open to doing glamorous roles ?
Why not ! An actress should never have inhibitions in doing any character. If my role requires me to wear a bikini, I am even ready for it.

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