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Shriya is the sexiest Tollywood heroine: poll

Shriya is the sexiest Tollywood heroine: poll

Shriya is the sexiest Tollywood heroine: poll

jollyhoo.com conducted a poll to find out the viewer’s choice of the sexiest Tollywood heroine. 9276 viewers participated in the poll.

Shriya has polled the maximum votes of 1922 as the sexiest heroine though she was not seen on screen in 2008. Her film Mallanna with Vikram is due for release.

Hereunder are the results of the poll.


Shriya Photo Gallery Latest Shriya Photo Gallery Shriya Photo Gallery 1 Shriya Photo Gallery 3


Genelia Photo Gallery Genelia Photo gallery 1 Genelia D’Souza Photo Gallery


Nayanthara Photo Gallery Latest Nayanthara Photo Gallery


Ileana photo gallery 5 Ileana photo gallery 4


Trisha Photo Gallery 1 Trisha Photo Gallery


Namitha Sexy Hot Photo Gallery 2 Namitha Sexy Hot Photo Gallery 1


Anushka Hot & Spicy Photo Gallery Anushka Photo Gallery Latest


Charmi Photo Gallery Latest 2 Charmi Photo Gallery Latest

Parvati Melton

Parvati Melton Photo Gallery Parvati Melton Photo Gallery2

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