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Shreyas Talpade injured on the sets of Joker

Shreyas Talpade injured on the sets of Joker

Shreyas Talpade, tried to imitate or emulate Akshay Kumar on the sets of Joker while participating in an action sequence and got himself injured badly.

Akshay Kumar is known to have done quite a few dare devil stunts himself without using harness, other safety devises or CGI to aid in action. Shreyas did the same and broke his back.

The stunt required Shreyas to be hung over 30 feet high in the air and then suspended further. The film’s action director as well as Shirish Kunder insisted that he wear a harness but it was near impossible for Shreyas to do that as he was wearing a sleeveless jacket. He was fearless though and smiled while stating that if Akshay could do such stunts himself, he too could do the same.

The stunt went wrong and Shreyas fell on his back and he was in extreme pain. Shooting was immediately halted and First Aid was called for. He is now under medical care and said to be out of danger.

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