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Shourya’ is a complete Darshan show, ShouryaKannada Film Review

Shourya Kannada Film Review

Shourya” can be best described as an out-an-out Darshan film. Darshan engrosses the viewers with his dialogues, fights and dances. This remake of Gopichand-starrer Telugu hit “Shouryam” is just perfect for the lanky actor. And perhaps the film would not have been the same if it had someone else in the lead role.

Darshan has shown good comic timing in the sequences with Sadhu Kokila in the first half and has concentrated on the emotions in the second.

Seeing Darshan on screen in a police uniform is surely a treat for his fans.

The film’s script is fast-paced and Darshan’s dynamism adds value to the film. Sadhu has done a good job as an actor as well.

Despite having a number of flaws in the script, “Shourya” manages to keep the audience fully engaged. The flashback portions are particularly well shot.

But there is nothing special about the film. Sadhu has just tried to be as fair as possible to the original and has not tried to add something fresh. A disappointing aspect of the film is its music.

While the quality of the dialogues on the whole isn’t great, some punchlines by Darshan will please his fans.

In the film, Surya comes to Karwar to join a college where he meets tomboyish Shwetha. He also solves the problems of another girl called Vidya, who has been tormented by her relatives and house owner. As Surya saves Vidya from a group of hooligans trying to kill her, a flashback reveals that Surya, whose real name is Suryavamshi, is an assistant commissioner of police whose aim is to eliminate anti-social elements.

Suryavamshi is then targeted by Vijayendra Varma and his son who have unleashed a reign of terror in the town. Suryavamshi bashes up Varma’s rapist son, but he is transferred.

Varma wants to settle scores with Suryavamshi and tries to unsettle him by trying to kidnap his sister, who turns out to be Vidya. But Vidya dislikes her brother for what he had done in his younger days.

Surya tries to correct the false impression that his sister holds about him. In the end, Surya manage to vanquish all the villains.

“Shourya” is a Darshan show all the way. His mannerisms and style are fabulous. Reema Worah makes a good impression in the sister’s role. Bubbly Madalasa is quite natural and adds to the film’s glamour quotient.

Sadhu does a good job as an actor and the villain Sampath is a scene-stealer.

Ramesh Babu’s camera work is top class. But Sadhu’s music composition could have been a little better, though the songs have been choreographed well. The editing is crisp.

If you are an ardent Darshan fan, then “Shourya” is a perfect watch.

Film: “Shourya”;
Director: Sadhu Kokila;
Cast: Darshan, Madalasa Sharma, Reema Worah, Sampath, John Kokki, Sadhu Kokila, Om Prakash Rao, Bullet Prakash and Ramesh Bhat;

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