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Sholay @ 35

Sholay @ 35

Thirty five years ago, on 15th August Sholay was released. The evergreen film is about friendship, tragic life of an idealistic police officer and the dacoit Gabbar Singh. A Hitler-look-alike Jailer’s (Asrani) dialogue Hum Angrezo ke Zamane ke Jailor hai is a rage even today.

One day Gabbar sends his three men to the village for collections of grains from villagers. Jai and Veeru fight with them and make them leave the village. Gabbar’s famous dialogue Kitne Adami The and Tere Kya Hoga Kalia get as popular as the movie itself.

Tu Kya Mujhse Ladega Thakur, Tere To Haath Kaat Kar Phek Chuka Hoon Main.” Thakur replies, “Saanp Ko Haath Se Nahi, Pairon Se Kutchla Jaata Hai Gabbar,” is another famous dialogue from the film.

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