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Shirish Kunder: Nothing personal against SRK

Shirish Kunder: Nothing personal against SRK

Producer-director Shirish Kunder, husband of choreographer turned rircetor Farah Khan, who posted disparaging remarks on Ra.One on the micro-blogging social network site , now says that he has nothing against his former friend Shah Rukh Khan.

Shirish tweeted: “”I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle””. After the other Bollywood celebs dismissed his tweets as rubbish and in poor taste, he tries to salvage some lost pride.

His latest post on Twitter: “”My tweets are satirical observations on current events ranging from politics to cricket to films. Once you get that, you may enjoy them… I also tweet satires on Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Lady Gaga & Shakti Kapoor. Doesn’t mean I’ve personal motives with them. Be sportive!”

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