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Shilpa Shetty’s car attacked

Shilpa Shetty’s car attackedShilpa Shetty seems to have a permanent appointment with controversies. She is hosting the second season of Bigg Boss on a TV channel.

On Friday after Shilpa finished recording her interview with TV producer Ekta and her brother Tusshar Kapoor in Lonavala, she was stopped from returning to Mumbai by the supporters of Republican Party of India (RPI) leader Ramdas Athavale and pelted her car with stones.

Athavale claims he was approached by the organizers of the reality show to go into the Bigg Boss house of the reality show but was dropped because of Shilpa’s maneuvers.

But Shilpa says she only anchors the show and has nothing to do with the selection of participants in the show where they spend up to three months locked inside a house, all their moves recorded by TV cameras.

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