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Sheela denied the Rumors about her Relationship with Dil Raju

Sheela denied the Rumors about her Relationship with Dil Raju

It was rumored in T-town that heroine Sheela is in a relationship with successful producer Dil Raju. Sheela broke her silence and denied the rumors. She said that she hasn’t been in touch with anyone in Telugu film industry for very long and she met Dil Raju lastly after the shooting of Adhurs when he was present to attend an audio release function. In her words, “I don’t even have Mr. Dil Raju’s number. I’m staying in the UK for over a year. I hardly have friends in Telugu film industry. Even I come for shoot in Hyderabad. I would fly back to Chennai soon after wrapping my work. I won’t go out as I’m not a socialite.”
It was rumored that Dil Raju has recommended Sheela for his production film Parugu. Sheela made cleared that it was Allu Arjun’s father producer Allu Arvind garu first saw her and asked her to do a photo shoot.
When asked about her absence from Telugu films and her comeback, she replied, “If anyone comes up with an impressive script, I’m keen to do. At the same time, it also depends on how long it takes to finish the shoot.”
Sheela lastly was seen in Telugu film Parama Veera Chakra (2011) along with Balakrishna. Producer Dil Raju said that he doesn’t want to speak over baseless rumors about his relationship with anyone.

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