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Shatruvu Movie Review

Shatruvu Movie Review

Srikanth who is renowned as family star and emotional star once again turned Shatruvu in just 20 days after coming as Sevakudu. Let us see what impact he made on movie lovers


Hyderabad Mayor Aravind (Rehman) brings up his daughter Anusha(Aksha) in a loving manner as she lost her mother. While pursuing her MBA in US she starts liking Kartik who is trying his luck in Tennis. She tries to help Kartik sending him to her dad in India However due to unforeseen circumstances later she finds herself entering into a deal with contract goonda Sankar (Srikanth). What’s the secret behind all this happenings should be seen on silver screen.

Plus Points

Srikanth came out with yet another routine performance. Raghu Babu and Duvvasi Mohan did not trouble viewers even though they couldn’t evoke laughter. Nothing more to talk about the film.

Minus Points

Director readied a script suitable for lady oriented film and in between inserted hero role. It is a pity that Srikanth’s role did not get the required impportance. While all these days heroines are used in films for songs and skin shows, in this film hero is used for 4 songs and 4 fights.Even Aksha did not get much role except mouthing routing dialogues. Rehman as villain is Ok but dialogues for him are over board.


Director’s concept is outdated and his screenplay is below average, Cinematography and music is ok but not that great. Director couldn’t come out of his shell of commercial elements.

Final Judgement

Better Srikanth stop starring in outdated films and come with family and comedy entertainers even if there is delay. Otherwise he will soon turn ‘Shatruvu’ to movie lovers.




The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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