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Sharmila objects to titillating rape scenes in films

Sharmila objects to titillating rape scenes in filmsVeteran yesteryears’ actress, Sharmila Tagore, Chairman of the Censor Board of India has objected to the titillating fashion in which rape scenes are being presented in Indian films. She has advocated a more sensitive approach towards the issue.

Sharmila resented the way the portrayal of woman is done in today’s cinema is not decent. She advocated stricter laws to bring down cases of sexual assault on women, along with the need for the whole society to change their mindset about rape victims.

Addressing a meet on consultation of guidelines for managing sexual assault, the Censor Board Chairman supported the need for a strong role by the media, especially in films, to change the overall approach of people in society towards women and their problems.

Sharmila Tagore married Nawab of Ptaudi, former Indian cricket captain. Their son and daughter, Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan are accomplished actors in Bollywood

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