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Shankar’s “Robo” using animatronics

Shankar’s “Robo” using animatronics

As is usual with director Shankar, the news about the making of “Endhiran” (“Robo” in Telugu) has so far remained a carefully guarded secret. The director himself has decided to let out some interesting facts about the Rajinikanth-starrer. He launched his own website www.directorshankaronline.com to connect with people blogging about “Endhiran” and his other productions.

The experience of the crew that was at Stanwinston Studio to use animatronics technology for the film was shared by him in his website. Shankar blogged: “Rajini sir and our technical crew had been to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks for scanning, make-up test and pre-production works… We are excited that we are working at the place where Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked.”

On the animatronics technology and special make-up of “Endhiran”, he said that Hollywood’s top technicians worked for four months at Sun Studios in Chennai and 22 scenes in the film have animatronics and special make-ups.

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