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Shankar: Gentleman par excellence

Shankar: Gentleman par excellence

Director Shankar whose first movie as director, Gentleman was biggest movie of that time and became smash hit. Shankar introduced Prabhu Deva as hero in his film Premikudu.

Shankar’s Aparichitudu collected over Rs 30 crore in Andhra Pradesh. Born on 17th August, 1963 in Kumbhakonam, Shankar completed mechanical engineering.

It is irony that Shankar’s birth place Kumbhakonam is synonymous with scams / corruption, most of the director’s films deal with corruption in the society.

Shankar’s lucky number is 8. His favourite cars include Toyota and Land Cruiser. Shankar did not release his movies during holidays or festivals.

Shankar is the only director in India to have grossed over Rs 100 crore with his films in India across all languages.

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