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Shankar’s Robot to be IIM-A course

Shankar’s Robot to be IIM-A course

India’s costliest movie Robot starring superstar Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai has created several box-office records. The film collected over Rs 62 crore in the opening weekend, becoming the highest grossing Tamil film and the second highest grossing Indian film of all time.

Director Shankar originally planned the movie with Kamal Haasan and Preity Zinta after completing Nayak. In July 2007 Shah Rukh Khan was signed as lead in Robot. Shahrukh and Shankar officially called off the project due to differences.

Robot will form part of an elective course called Contemporary film industry: A business perspective. Students of IIM-A will take up Robot as the case study to analyse. The course will also study another Tamil film Muthu starring Rajnikanth to analyse the business of cinema and its success story. Muthu was later translated into Japanese.

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