Shamili in film ‘Oye’

Shamili in film ‘Oye’

Shamili in film ‘Oye’

The one time child artist Baby Shamili is giving her re-entry into Tollywood as a teen aged girl with her latest film ‘Oye,’ pairing with Siddartha. Her performance as Anjali pap in Mani Ratnam’s Anjali was well received by one all in the yester years.

The highly talented girl has to prove herself to sustain the competition in the film industry. However, she should be aware that the film industry right now is not looking for talent but for hot babes who are ready to expose themselves in bikinis and act in lip-lock scenes. If she is willing to play the glamour doll roles, then she has a bright future, otherwise she has to find a god father in the industry for her survival.

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