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Shakti: NTR’s A 1 star has different meaning today

Shakti: NTR’s A 1 star has different meaning today

Director Meher Ramesh gave new title to Junior NTR. That is A one star. Today is April 1st. Some creative minds on social networking worked out different meaning. A1 star ante April 1st annamata. April fools ayyamu, says one tweet.
@bhaskar1239 : just watched shakti movie……tollywood directors
mararu…. This reveals how the movie was directed.

@prashanthbhat No sensible director will name Pooja Bedi FUCK THOO NI. god knows what it means.

@prashanthbhat NTR is the only good thing about Shakthi.The rest are the real curse

@prashanthbhat NTR shud take care of his scripts hereafter and not do obligatory films.He is a talented star.Pathetic narration and senseless story.Pheww.

@prashanthbhat Meher Ramesh doesn’t have brains.Aswini Dutt will take a long time to recover from the shock of Shakti. Second half is horrible. Bad film.

@prashanthbhat after this movie, Meher shud be sent to Pune film institute for a course in direction.He desrves 2 be a light boy.bad narration

@prashanthbhat Only NTR is good.I liked his dance, spontaeinity, action and dialogue delivery.Apart from him, the movie is Tsunami !!

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