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Shakti Nizam collections

Shakti Nizam collections

ntr jrIleana starrer Shakti collected Rs 3.77 cr in Nizam area in the first week. Considering its hype and big money involved it is very disappointing figure.

Shakti’s failure may not have much effect on NTR’s career but it will have negative effect on Ileana’s career. Director Meher Ramesh may not get movies with big stars or producers in the near future.

Producer Aswini Dutt reportedly lost Rs 11 crore with Shakti. Just imagine loss suffered by other stakeholders.

After Khatarnak, it is the biggest disappointment for Ileana. She may not be in a position to demand over Rs 1.50 crore.

Producers may not dare to sign Ileana with exorbitant prices anymore. Except for movies which are already committed, there are no new movies in Ileana’s kitty.

That is what failure means in film industry.

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