Shakti Movie Review

Shakti Movie Review


Shakti, much hyped of movie of A1 Star Jr.NTR finally arrived with huge expectations. Shakti is all about saving Ashtadasha Shaktipeethams, which is the responsibility of Royala Dynasty to whom Rudra(Jr. NTR) is Saviour. The rulers of Egypt has an eye on one of the secret Shaktipeetham, which is central power of Ashtadasha Shaktipeethams in India and is under control of Saviour Rudra(Jr. NTR).

Movie starts with Aishwarya(Illeana) goes on a vacation without intimating her family and she meets Shakti(Jr. NTR) as tour guide. On the otherside Royal family of Egypt is in search of Aishwarya (Illeana), who happens to heir of Rayala Dyanasty to get control over Secret Shaktipeetham. Mahadeva Raya (Prabhu), Aishwarya’s father is on the mission of Saving Ashatadashapeethams. To complete his mission he needs to get hold of Rudra Maha Shivalingam, stolen by Janaki Varma(Jackie Shroff), who happens to once loyalist of Rayala dynasty. The rest of the goes how Ashtadasha Shaktipeethams are saved.


Jr. NTR has given energetic performance as Shakti Swaroop who is NSA Secret Agent introuduces himself as tour guide. His getup

Shakti Movie Review

could have been much better in the role of Rudra (father of Shakti), saviour of Ashtadhashapeethams in Rayala Dynasty. Narration of the story in the first of is very dull and has no grip. Interval fight scene gives some hope to audience watching the movie, but the movie looses control again in second half and climax is too much dragged. Director Mehar Ramesh has failed in narrating story effectively, parts of the movie resembles recent telugu blockbusters. It appears that Meher Ramesh has tried to recreate history created by Magadheera, but no donut for him. Dialogues could have been much better and lacks originality. Despite of Jr. NTR energitical performance, there is no saving grace in the movie. Choreography is not upto the mark of Jr. NTR earlier movies. Illean looks glamourous and she enacted her role well. Prabhu, Naazar and veteran hero Vinod Kumar suits for their roles. Appearance by comedians Ali, Venu Madhav, Brahamanandam, MS Narayana and Srinivas Reddy does not help to the plot. Songs are OK, much concentration is done on Art work and is good.


Jr NTR who tasted success with his earlier release Brindavanam may not get same result with his recent marqee. You can watch Shakti if you are a die hard fan of Jr. NTR, and for others it is your take.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

——Review by Chetanz

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17 Responses to “Shakti Movie Review”

  1. rajesh says:

    movie is hit…….. if u don’t knoe how to write review plz don’t write…….

  2. hari says:

    i konw this film more expactaions on audions.but moher ramesh is not rajamouli. ntr see and act of ga good directors. he was a briliont perfermer… so eny way all the best jr ntr ur fan

  3. ntr fan says:

    disaster movie…guys pls dont watch this movie..

  4. prathyush says:

    waste of time…waste of money….please avoid….

  5. yes says:

    first half super never before but second half 1 time watchable finally movie is ok

  6. ntr says:

    daya chusi na cenima chudakandi

  7. ravi says:

    0.5 is much better than 2.5

  8. bhargav says:

    super hit shakti beating magadreea

  9. raja says:

    story is good.but ntr is unfit for tht story

  10. Venkat says:

    This is a bull shit movie. I really wonder why Meher tried to make another Magadheera which is a BLOCK BUSTER and suprise why Jr. NTR forgot the basics and accepted this movie. End of the day, the poor guy is the PRODUCER and the audience who watch movie.

  11. Indra says:

    Mehar proved once again he’s “MASTER in COPY” and also waste director ,
    i really shock how ntr chose for this mv…!!!!
    its pure copy of “Block Buster MAGADHEERA” story line………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. iSay says:

    Pooja Bedi was amazing as Faktuni !
    She played her character very well ! Who agrees ?

  13. sashikiran says:

    shakti is really superb!!!!!!! block buster its true ntr nata viswarupam cinemalo vundi konthamandi waste antunnaru nammmakandi meru velli chusi appudu anandi anti fans tappu cheptuntaruuu

  14. parmesh says:

    All Mix fruit juice laga ….all mix Magadheera & arundhati kalapi tesadu COPY Mehar kani fut aindu…

  15. harikumar says:

    mve is average. interval seen highlet of the move . but we except more 4m this mve………

  16. N T R ……..y r u choosing such idiotic stories !its disgusting ,pls try to do something different like bhrundhavanam.

  17. Maddy says:

    Story line up is really awesome if rajamouli directed surely it would be another magadheera.poor direction from meher