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Shahid Kapoor’s best work-Haider

Shahid Kapoor’s best work-Haider

Shahid Kapoor didn’t want to cheat the audience or himself while playing the famous Shakespearean tragic hero so he avoided taking half measures in Vishal Bharatwaj’s ‘Haider’ an adaption of Hamlet.
Shahid didn’t hesistate to opt for a bald look in a few scenes that was shot in Kashmir.Prosthetics was an option but he felt that it was not right to do it for ‘Haider’.He wanted to do something different and shocking.
It is Shahid’s second film with Bharadwaj after ‘Kaminey’.Shahid feels that this film will have a long term on his career and he doesn’t want to predict the box office performance.

So many people told that I was mad to
An art house film in ‘Kaminey’ but then that film had so much to do with my career.Each movie gives different experience and we ca’t predict which film will click.
‘Haider’ is a family revenge drama.It is
about a son looking for his father and there is a love story between Sharadha and me said Shahid.

Shahid feels that an actor doesn’t need
a character to get a particular role as the jo of the actor is to change himself according to the situation and surprise the audience.

“Vishal sir is one of the directors who cast me in a film like ‘Kaminey’ which even I felt I couldn’t do as I had this calm, boyish personality. But he made me do something different. The journey of the actor starts when he is ready to face challenges,” he said.
The presence of performers like Irrfan, Tabu and Kay KayMenon was another aspect that attracted Shahid to the project.To act with them was a great experience.

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