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Shah Rukh Khan detained at New York airport

Shah Rukh Khan detained at Newark airport

Shah Rukh Khan detained at Newark airport

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was detained at New York airport ostensibly because of the “Khan” factor in his name. He was detained for more than two hours.

Later an apologetic US administration on Sunday said it was a mistake and wanted Shah Rukh Khan to accept a “sorry” for his two-hour detention at New York airport. US authorities say the superstar was not detained because of his surname but his missing baggage.

Shah Rukh said when US authorities have issued him a visa and imprints of his fingers and his photograph had been on it, why should he have go through this ordeal.

Shah Rukh Khan said that he could understand the security concerns in the wake of 9/11 terror act, but the treatment meted out to him at the airport is not warranted.

SRK is currently acting in Karan Johar’s film “My Name Is Khan”.

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