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Shadow Movie Review

Shadow Movie Review

Venkatesh,Tapsee’s ‘Shadow’ directed by Meher Ramesh hit screens today. Srikanth, Madhurima are in important roles while Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi is making his villian debut in Tollywood. Let us see what the film has it in store.


Rajaram aka Shadow (Venkatesh) is on lookout for Malaysian don Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) as he eliminated his family. At the sametime ACP Pratap (Srikanth) is on hunt for the same don as he planned for deadly bomb blasts in Hyderabad. However the moment Pratap nabs a criminal he gets eliminated from unknown Shadow. Who will eliminate Nana Bhai, Shadow or Pratap should be seen on silver screen.


Venkatesh was totally subdued and helpless in the role and for the first time he got bad marks for his performance in his career longing for 15 yrs. Venkatesh known for his versatile acting in comedy and sentiment scenes failed to entertain as he looked artificial. Tapsee confined for glamor treat. While Srikanth was routine in his acting. Aditya Pancholi though looked stylish had no scope for performance and he was totally utilised. Comedy of MS.Narayana, Krishna Bhagavan and others is just stale. Others are just routine in their roles.


Director Meher Ramesh sank Shadow with his screenplay and direction thus writing question marks on Venkatesh’s career. There are powerful punch liners but all failed to explode due to weak narration. Story has no strong point and many weak points that are glaring even to small kid. The entire narration lacks logic and even 15yrs ago better films came in Tollywood. One wonder how Meher Ramesh traps big heroes time and again.


Production values are fine. Thaman’s music,BGM is a torture while editing is below average. Cinematography is fine.

Last Word

Shadow shocks with silver screen shockers!

The Rating

2 out of 5

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