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Selva Raghavan’s next Telugu film with Dhanush

Selva Raghavan’s next Telugu film with Dhanush Director Selva Raghavan has become very popular in Telugu Film field after the box-office success of 7/G Brindavan Colony and Aadavari Matalukku Ardhalae Verule.

Actor Dhanush, brother of Selva Raghavan, had a super success with the Tamil film Polladhavan. Paired with Tamanna, he is getting ready to act in Padikathavan, which will be directed by Suraj. After this film, he signed up a film to be directed by Vettrimaran.

According to sources, Selva Raghavan is planning a Telugu film introducing Dhanush to the film crazy Telugu audience. The script work is getting ready and the project will take off as soon as both the brothers are free from their present assignments.

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