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Sega Movie Review

Sega Movie Review

The Film

Sega is a gloomy reflection of the insidious life patterns that abound in the underbelly of society. It is about the wayward ways of the youth who are deprived of proper parental attention and the easy manner of getting into unnecessary trouble.

The Synopsis

Karthik (Nani) is brought up by his elder brother Balaji who wants him to be educated. Their mother has committed suicide and they are deserted by the father. They hate their father as he is responsible for their mother’s death. The brothers are given shelter by Sekhar a painter. Karthik is friendly with Sekhar’s daughter Revathi (Nitya Menen) and another boy Vishnu whose father is a two-wheeler mechanic.. Jyothi, father of Karthik and Balaji, operates a brothel and has aims to become a don. There is Ammaji, a lady drug peddler and a don in her own right.

Vishnu falls in love with Veena (Bindu Madhavi) who is a prostitute in the custody of Karthik’s father. Vishnu agrees to be a drugs courier as he wants to buy the freedom of Veena with the money. Karthik and Vishnu embark on the delivery of the drugs package when Veena warns them of danger to their lives. Karthik and Vishnu abort their courier mission. And then Vishnu is found murdered and Karthik is arrested for the crime.

Will Karthik come out of the murder rap? What will happen to Revathi? Will Balaji help his

Sega Movie Review

brother? What is the role of the father of Karthik and Balaji? Answers to these questions lead to a listless and foggy climax.

The Performances

Nani has performed as if his mind is on an auto-pilot in a role where he is more like a zombie. Nitya Menen is subdued as is required by her role. Bindi Madhavi does not have sufficient footage to express herself. Karthik Kumar is intense in essaying his role. All others fit the bill.

The Techniques

Director Anjana weaves a story that is pretty close to reality and has also created the

Sega Movie Review

characters that many can find in the society. The story is more of a crime thriller and the screenplay makes the narration swift. The dialogues are sloppy. Music is ok and is secondary in importance. Cinematography is good and so is the audiography.

The Verdict

Sega is a disappointing experience. The film appears to justify patricide which is ethically unacceptable. There are no entertainment values. It is a sorry tale of a few shoddy characters in society. The film is realistic, but of what use it is when it makes the viewers depressed?

The Cast and Crew
Nani, Nitya Menen, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi and others
Director: Anjana
Producer: Ashok Vallabhaneni
Music Director: Joshua Sridhar

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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