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Seema Tapakai Movie Review

Seema Tapakai Movie Review

The Film

Seema Tapakai is a hilarious comedy with rich-poor divide as backdrop to take satirical potshots making fun of the peoples’ obsession with the rich class and their riches.

The Synopsis

Krishna (Allari Naresh) is the son of a stinking-rich man (Sayaji Shinde) who has an inherent dislike for the poor. He is proud to be part of the upper echelons of the rich class. Krishna falls in love with Satya (Poorna) whose aim in life is to pull the poor from below-the-poverty-line into a postion of reasonable prosperity. She has an inherent dislike of the rich people who allegedly exploit the poor. To impress his girl friend, Krishna feigns as hailing from a poor family. He even forces his family members to live in a slum to win the love of Satya. The twist comes when it is revealed that Satya is the daughter of a fearsome factionist (Nagineedu). How does Krishna reconcile his self-inflicted drama of poverty with a rich factionist forms the rest of the story.

The Performances

Seema Tapakai Movie Review

Allari Naresh is fast maturing into a reliable comedy hero fast claiming the slot vacated by yesteryears actor Rajendra Prasad. His dances and fights are comparable to other commercial cinema heroes. New comer Poorna is impressive. Sayaji Shinde, Nagineedu and Jayaprakash Reddy are their usual credible selves. Brahmanandam, M S Narayana and L B Sriram ticle the funny bone. All others fit their roles well.

The Techniques

Director G Nageshwar Reddy has spun an interesting story and narrated it with sufficient entertainment values. The screenplay, especially in the first half could have been more fulsome avoiding the unnecessary drag. Dialogues have a few punches. Music by Vandemataram is

Seema Tapakai Movie Review

adequate. Cinematography and editing add to the narration flow.

The Verdict

Seema Tapakai gives you sufficient witty thrills and loud humour.

It is ok for a dekho…a time-pass entertainer.

The Cast and Crew
Allari Naresh, Poorna, Sayaji Shinde, Nagineedu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ravu Ramesh, Vennela

Seema Tapakai Movie Review

Kishore, Brahmanandam, M S Narayana, L B Sriram, Sudha, Surekha Vani, Ravi, Jeeva, Apurva and others
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Cinematography: Adusimilli Vijay Kumar
Producer: Malla Vijay Prasad
Banner: Wellfare Creations
Direcor: G Nageshwar Reddy

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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