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See ‘flocam’ With Rgv’s Hot Ice Cream On July 4

See ‘flocam’ With Rgv’s Hot Ice Cream On July 4

Ram Gopal Verma always tries to come up with something new. In this regard he made Hot Ice cream. Audiences will taste all together altered form of a cold ice cream.
He made ‘Ice Cream’ hot with fear, anxiety and masala and all other factors needed for making any film a hit. Navdeep and Tejaswi are playing the lead roles in the film. The film will be produced by Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana under the banner of Bhimavram Talkies. The film is planned to be released on 4th of July.
RGV used the latest technology called ‘FLOCAM’. Speaking on this RGV said criticism and minor issues are obvious whenever a new technology is introduced. But result will be good when a person understands it completely and implement it. Bottom line is actors focus should not be on the camera but should be on the character. They should be given freedom to act. In this technology the artists would not see the camera in front of their eyes.
Let us wait and see how this Falcom technology is used by RGV to create a hot version of an ice cream.

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