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Secret Of Katrina’s Night Visits

Secret Of Katrina's Night Visits

Rumors are common in Bollywood more than any other industry. Not a single day passes without rumors and according to latest those rumors boil down to secret of Katrina’s night visits.

Sources reveal Ranbir Kapoor who on Thursday offered his condolenses and solidarity to Sanjay Dutt reaching his house at 10.30 PM was seen with Bollywood bombshell Katrina Kaif at Ranbir’s residence at around 1.45 AM. An eye witness says “The two cars made an entry into Ranbir’s bungalow at around 1.45 am before the gates were shut by the guards,” .

Buzz is Katz nocturnal visits are nothing new and though they Katrina and Ranbir denies relationship, there wont be somoke without fire.

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