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Sayali Bhagat…the bold and the beautiful

sayali-bhagat - the bold and the beautiful Beware Mallika Sherawat, Tanushree Dutta et al…Sayali Bhagat is now on a bold dare-all and beautiful bare-all. The former beauty pageant winner gave a new dimension to lipstick by sticking her lips with those of Emran Hashmi in The Train, her debut film. What is more revealing is her nonchalant assertion that she truly enjoyed her lip-locking experiences.
Now that her film Blade Balaji is getting ready for release, everyone is eager to see what this glam doll did to spruce up the juicy scenes. Will she outdo Emran Hashmi, who earned the sobriquet of Serial Kisser ?
Will our moral police, who are so vehemently objecting to the Cheergirls in IPL cricket matches, allow the likes of Sayali Bhagat to survive on screen ?

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