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Saradaga Ammayitho Movie Review

Saradaga Ammayitho Movie Review

Varun Sandesh named as Santosh who is play boy and he doesn’t cares about his career. He routinely keeps relationships with girls. One fine day he will observe Nisha Agarwal named as Geetha and fall in love with her. Santosh’s tried and sick while process to woo her. Geetha throws him a huge challenge. She asks him to live in a ladies hostel for ten days and lays down a condition that he should not flirt with anyone and then Santosh accepts for that Challenge.
What happens next? Who will win? Rest of the movie on screens

Plus point
Varun sandeesh did neat job
Bit comedy makes audiences relief
Second half Twist

Minus Point
Routine story
Double meaning dialogues
Direction and screen play
First half outdated


Varun Sandesh done good job in the movie. The story is repeated version. Nisha Agarwal looks beautiful in the entire movie. Rao Ramesh and Ali comedy timing is okay. Bhanu Shankar’s screenplay and direction is below par. Routine story meant even a kid can predict the next scene easily. The complete first half is old-fashioned and the second half has various twists and turns, most of them are highly expected. Overall movie outdated

Production values is ok. Cinematography is good. Editing is a big drawback as there are many unnecessary scenes. Music and Background score is average.

Final talk
It is a just the below average movie. Better to skip this movie

The Rating

2 out of 5

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