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Santosh must learn a lesson

Santosh must learn a lesson

The not so good result of ‘Rabhasa’ will affect the future projects of director Santosh Srinivas who took quite long time to come up with this flick after giving a first hit like ‘Kandireega’. He made ‘Rabhasa’ with a very weak story and paled out script. He thought that the strength of Bellamkonda Suresh and Junior Ntr’s acting skills are enough to make a movie hit. Still the results were not that bad. Rabhasa got a good opening.
Santosh made the announcement of directing Allu Arjun for the next project which is titled as ‘Thikka Regithe’. Looking at the result of Rabhasa, there will be definitely questions to arise from Allu camp about the quality of the script of the film. We must wait and watch what type of film is ‘Thikka regithe’. Is it on similar lines of Rabhasa or something different?

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