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Sanjay Dutt Father Of This Body Guard

Sanjay Dutt Father Of This Body Guard

Jackie Shroff was earlier announced to play Salman Khan‘s father in his upcoming ‘Bodyguard‘, But he wasn’t. The news was confirmed by Producer Atul Agnihotri.

Salman still has his heart set on Sanjay Dutt as his onscreen daddy, despite the ugly verbal duel the two friends had last week. A close pal of Salman claims, “Salman had actually made the offer of his father’s role to Sanju two days earlier, and the latter just laughed it off. At the party, he brought it up again. This time, Sanju lost his cool and an angry scene ensued. Salman is not being unrealistic or spiteful by offering Dutt his father’s role. Salman is the kind of person who would do anything for a friend. If Sanjay asked him to play a walk-on part in a film, Salman wouldn’t think twice before doing it. So he sees nothing wrong in offering Dutt his father’s role, and he won’t take a no for an answer.”

Just why Salman wants only Sanju for the dad’s part is a mystery. According to a source, the role is a guest appearance that needs the presence of someone tough and macho, someone who Salman looks up to even in real life.

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