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Sanjay Dutt’s film titled Happily Divorced

Sanjay Dutt’s film titled Happily Divorced

Has the “happily married and lived happily forever” theme being dumped by Bollywood in its quest for bringing out novel themes and plots so far ignored? It appears so if some of the titles of Hindi films are of any indication.

Sanjay Dutt, who is producing and acting in a film titled Rascals has signed up a film titled Happily Divorced which will go to floors soon. This film is being produced by Dharam Oberoi and Sanjay Ahluwalia.

Of course, this is not a serious film but a comedy caper taking pot shots at the institution of marriage. The film, like Delhi Belly, is being comceived and will be made exclusively for urban audience and multiplex cine buffs. However, a few single screens also will exhibit the film.

Happily Divorced is planned for a December release.

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