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Samantha is No Longer The Girl-next-door

Samantha Is No Longer The Girl-next-door

Actress Samantha is known mostly for playing the pretty, girl-next-door type of roles. She has raised her glamour to a new level in the film Sikander. She did this to break her sweet, girl-next-door type of image. She wanted to prove hesef as a glamorous actress and also that she is no less than other actresses. In an interview she spoke her heart out, “It is difficult to appear glamorous on screen. Hats off to all those glamorous heroines because it’s not very easy to look hot on screen. I didn’t like being typecast as the girl-next-door. I wanted to break that thought that I could only do roles I’ve done in films such as Manam and Ye Maaya Chesave. A lot of people wrote that I can’t fit into glamorous roles. It’s certainly a conscious decision I took for Sikander to prove that I can do all kinds of roles. That’s why I made this choice and may be now I’ll go back to doing the old kind of roles.”
Samantha is now happy and gives the credit of her success to Telugu industry and says that she has yet to find a strong foothold in Tamil filmdom and that’s why she wants to focus on doing a few Tamil films in coming two years.

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