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Salman’s Bag With Women’s Clothes!

Salman's bag With Women's Clothes!

It may be intruiguing but true. Salman was caught with women’s clothes in his bag at Hydeabad airport on Sunday. Salman Khan known to help co passengers was rendered helpless by a lady at the Hyderabad airport on Sunday. Unwittingly, a fellow passenger in his Mumbai-Hyderabad flight that took off at around 9.30 am, took his bag and left hers behind on the conveyer belt. When Salman team opened the bag (thinking it was his), they were shocked to find the actor’s clothes turned into women’s wear.

A close source of ¬†Salman says Salman was flying out of Mumbai to perform at the Hitex ground in Hyderabad. He landed there around noon. His head of security, Shera, had flown down a day in advance to ensure the security was in place. He was the one who had come to receive Salman at the airport.”

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