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Salman Khan too opens a blog

Salman Khan too opens a blog If Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have their own blog-sites, can Salman Khan be far behind? Following the footsteps of his colleagues and seniors Bollywood’s branded brat, who is to anchor for a new reality game show Dus Ka Dum, has now turned a blogger.
In his first entry Salman wrote, “All my decisions are based on my instincts and some people think that I am too moody and cynical. Believe me, I have been guided by my instincts and my heart all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations.”

Salman, who has often been in the news for wrong reasons, says that earlier he had his own reservations about anchoring a show. “I still remember the day when my brother Sohail Khan brought the proposal to anchor a show. I had my reservations. The idea sounded so impractical that I rejected it even without giving it much thought,” he wrote. “There is no false shame and sense of humiliation on the show if your answer is wrong. Sample survey has determined the exact answers in form of percentage and the one who answers nearest to the exact answer is the winner. This game is simple. It is a game of guessing.”
Dus Ka Dum is a game inspired by the US game show Power of 10, in which the contestant who predicts most accurately how the public would respond to poll questions walks away with millions. The show begins on June 6.

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