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Salman Khan to undergo surgery in USA

Salman Khan to undergo surgery in USA

Salman Khan will fly to the United States next week for treatment and possibly surgery for a neurological disorder called trigeminal neuralgia and an aneurysm in his brain. He will be away for a month.

Trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by intense pain across the face. Salman Khan had been using pain killers for the last several years. Trigeminal neuralgia can be treated by using a radiation-based contraption called the gamma knife or an invasive way to untangle the mass of nerves and blood vessels that causes the sensitivity and pain. The doctors in USA will decide the course of action.

Salman Khan underwent an angiogram and MRI last week and it was discovered that an arteriovenous malformation that has ballooned into an aneurysm which requires surgery.

Salman Khan will miss the release of his film Boduguard on August 31.

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