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Salman Khan pays for 200 eye operations

Salman Khan pays for 200 eye operations

Salman Khan is well known for his philanthropic activities. He established a NGO called Being Human which takes care of the welfare of less privileged citizens. He also started the Salman Khan Foundation which offers medical and educational assistance to the needy.

Recently, Salman Khan was in Patiala shooting for the film Bodyguard. He was the guest of the Army personnel stationed there. When he came to know that there are many relatives of the army men who require eye-care, he immediately conducted a medical camp and got eye surgeons flown in from Mumbai.

At the medical camp conducted Golden Templ, Amritsar, around 200 people successfully underwent cataract operations. The cost of organizing the medical camp and operations were borne by the Salman Khan Foundation.

Salman also assured the army personnel to contact him in case of any of their social welfare needs.

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