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Salman Khan helps Mughda realize dues from Percept

Salman Khan helps Mughda realize dues from Percept

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has given three big hits in a row – Wanted, Dabangg and Ready – is known o be a good Smaritan and one who goes all out to help anyone who seeks his help. The latest episode confirming the actor’s helping nature involves upcoming actress Mughda Godse. She played a role in the film Jail co-starring Neil Nitin Mukhesh which was directed by National Award winning helmer Madhur Bhandarkar. However, the producers of Jail, Percept Picture Company, did not make the complete payment o actress Mughda. The film released in November 2009 and he actress has to receive Rs 6 lakhs as full and final payment. She made several attempts to contact the producers but in vain. Recently, Mughda happened to meet Salman Khan at a celebrity event and casually told him about the payment not received from Percept. Immediately, Salman spoke to Shailendra Singh , the head honcho of Percept. To the surprise of Mughda, she received the payment of Rs 6 lakhs the same evening and the cheque was delivered a her house. That is the clout Salman has in Bollywood and that is how he uses it to help others.

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