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Salman Khan being needled to get rid of pain?

Salman Khan being needled to get rid of pain?

Bollywood’s highest paid actor Salman Khan, who has a flair for smoking and drinking, is said to be totally averse to taking pills of any medical prescription including anti-biotics.

So, the actor has taken a fancy for the Chinese traditional medicinal therapy of Acupuncture which has a system of inserting needles at strategic locations of the body. He discovered a doctor in Mumbai, specializing in Acupuncture and went through the needling experience to get rid of pain after a hectic schedule for Ready. Since then, the doctor has been commissioned by Salman to take care of his pain treatment.

Salman’s needle treatment came to light when the Acupuncture specialist visited Salman on the sets of Bodyguard. But, the good news is that the actor has cut down on his intake of cigarettes and alcohol to make Acupuncture therapy more effective.

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