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Salman Khan Arrives at Mumbai Court

Salman Khan Arrives at Mumbai Court

Salman Khan arrived at a Mumbai court today, where two officers investigating their statements in the ongoing trial will be submitted from 2002 case dating for hit-and-run case.

On 07, March-2015, the court had scheduled the issue for the next hearing for today and directed the actor be present.

On 03 October 2007 Salman Khan’s bodyguard died who was an eye-witness. Ravindra Patil’s statement It also allowed the prosecution to rely on the Salman Khan’s bodyguard. As per statement and recording Mr Patil says he was sitting beside Actor Salman Khan (when the accident had happened) and had warned him not to drive rashly but was ignored by Salman. Mr Patil had said that the actor was under the influence of alcohol at the time and lodged the complaint after the hit-and-run

On 28 September 2002 in Bandra Mumbai four others were injured and One person was killed, allegedly driven by the actor into a bakery in suburban.

The lawyers have argued that Actor Salman Khan was not driving the car from years; The prosecution alleges that he was having at least two witnesses in the ongoing trial to prove that the actor was at the wheel.

At parking attendant told the court Salman khan sit in the driver’s seat but had not seen him drive off and another witness testified last May, claiming that the actor had exited the car from the right side.

Salman khan will be convicted spend up to 10 years in prison. He is tried for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

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