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Salman Jokes About his Jail Term in Dubai

Salman Jokes About his Jail Term in Dubai

It could have been a complete understanding of the reality, or a sheer confidence that he would get released, but Salman Khan’s little joke on his jail term did cause a huge sensation. He was performing for an event in UAE some days back and that required him to get the permission of the court to travel overseas.

During a conversation on stage when producer Sajid Nadiadwala was saying about all the time and hard work for making the super hit movie Kick, Salman retorted that he now doesn’t even have the time to make another film like that (In an obvious reference to his jail term that would affect his shooting schedules).

Seems that the only complete movie Salman has up for release is Bajrangi Bhiajaan, with a couple of others still under production. This could be the reason why Bollywood is completely supporting and promoting Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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