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Salman distributes Sarees!

Salman distributes Sarees!

Salman distributes Sarees!

Why Bollywood bad boy Salman khan all of a sudden does distributed Sarees to women workers of film studio? Is it his birthday or some other occasion like that? Nothing!

When he is relaxing in a break during the shooting of his forth coming film, ‘Wanted,’ some women working in the studio came to him and said, ‘Salman bhayya, es garib behenonko kabhito yadh rako. Abtak tu kabi ek saadi be nai thi hum logonko, aur kab dogi?’( Brother Salman!. Please keep us in your mind. you never gave a saree your poor sisters. When will you gift us sares?)

Salman was said to be moved with their request and asked his manager to bring sarees for all those women workers. He distributed 30 sarees on the same day before he leaving the sets. All are happy with Bad boy Salman khan’s good response to the poor women.

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