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Salman accused of ‘Serial women beater’

Salman accused of 'Serial women beater'

Popular reality show Big Boss always courts controversies but is the most watched and in that way organisers purpose is served. Most recently famous celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani accused Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan of being ‘Serial women beater’.Sapna was at her abusive best and insiders reveal that she called Salman as ‘Serial women beater’. Her other foul language was deleted by the organisers.

Many say she was responding to Salman who commented “If you are not here to play the game, are you on a picnic at a resort?”. To which Sapna shot back, “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati karte rahe. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bull s***t sunti rahoongi har Friday. (You have no right to insult me every week. I am being paid to be on the show but that does not mean I will take the bull s**t lying down.)” .

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